Beachtime Cottages

It's Time to Go :(

Please help us keep the cottages available for people to enjoy for a long time by leaving it in the same or better condition than you found it.

When you are leaving please complete the following:

  1. Check bedrooms for anything you may have missed while packing - especially favourite stuffies!
  2. Clean the bathroom. Please discard any remainig bars of soap. Leave tissue for the next guests (there was some there when you arrived)
  3. Wash all dishes, dry them and return them to the cupboard.
  4. Remove any food from the cupboards and discard or take it with you.
  5. Empty and wipe out the fridge.
  6. Clean the kitchen sink.
  7. Sweep the floors.
  8. Gather all garbage (bathroom too) bag it, and put it in the bin at the end of the laneway. Secure the lid on the bin.
  9. Put all recycling in the blue bins and leave outside the garage.
  10. Return patio furniture to where it belongs.
  11. Make sure gas is turned off at the tank and the BBQ is covered.
  12. Sign the guestbook, write on our blog and/or upload photos to our picture gallery.
  13. Leave the key on the table, and lock the door behind you.
  14. Have a safe journey home - we want to see you next year!